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1” Round Adjustable Comb Assembly

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1” Round Adjustable Comb Assembly
Our 1” round 4 way adjustable comb hardware material is made from 6061T6-511 aluminum 1/4” x 1” round rod with a 1/8” x 0.533 oval machined down the center allowing for 1/2” of horizontal adjustment. 1/16” increment lines engraved into the top surface will allow for precision fitting. For a stronger installation, there are 2- 0.136 counter-sunk screw holes to accept 2- #6x3/4” Phillips flat head stainless steel mounting screw. Gluing is always an option. Top bushing is made from 6061 T6 aluminum solid rod 5/8” diameter, cut to 5/8” height and precision drilled internally to 7/16” to clear the 7/16” stainless steel alignment post. Vertical post screws, nuts and set screws are 18/8” stainless steel which allows for maintenance free adjusting. Two Allen Hex wrenches 1-3/32” for the 2 set screws and 1-9/64” for the vertical post adjusting screw and 8 nylon shim washers ranging from 1/16” – 1/4” high are included.
- SPS® No questions asked Lifetime Replacement Warranty 
- Available in Silver

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