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SPS Stock Pad Adjuster 3 Point Posilock

$54.50 $65.00
SPS Stock Pad Adjuster 3 Point Posilock (Similar to 100 Straight)
2 part stock pad adjuster 2” x 5 ¾” made from 5052 H32 alum. alloy anodized black. 2 point adjusting system incorporated with an adjusting range of 1” vertical drop, 1/2” horizontal offset, 90 ° diagonal left or right. 3 locking screws fastened into a 1/8” x 1” x 1 ½” black oxide finish steel vertical adjusting plate hidden behind the front mounting plate. When installed the stock adjuster will add 5/16" total thickness to the stock length. 
Included 2 – pad fastening ½” socket screws. 1 – 5/32” hex head wrench for tightening the pad adjusting screws. 1 – 9/64” hex head wrench for fastening the two socket screws
- SPS® No questions asked Lifetime Replacement Warranty 
- Anodized to Military Spec Black Nitrate Only
Note: All pad plates most likely will have to be ground down to conform to the shape and size of your particular stock. We manufacturer one size fits all. 

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