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SPS 2 Sliding Post Adjustable LOP Butt/Pad Plate

$88.00 $129.00
SPS 2 Sliding Post Adjustable Length Of Pull Butt/Pad Plate - Perfect for Shotguns, Rifles and Bench Guns 

5 part LOP adjustable butt plate system made from 6061 T5 rectangle aluminum bar finished in anodized silver. Pad adaptor is a two part plate system offering unlimited adjusting capabilities by utilizing 2-303 stainless steel adjusting rings for a perfect pad fit. Fully installed the plate will add 3/4” to the stock length and can be extended out an additional 2" in length.

The LOP slides along 2 aluminum positioning rods 0.440” diameter, with 2.468” length with each post being milled flat on one side with 8 counter sunk holes to accept two 1/4-20 x 3/4" socket set screws cup point to allow perfect LOP positioning. Included in the kit is 1 - Allen Wrench 3/32" wrench which will adjust the 2 stainless steel rotating locking ring screws. 1 – Allen Wrench 1/8” wrench to fit the 2 pad fastening screws, along with 1 – 9/64” Allen Wrench to open and close the 2 set screws to allow adjustment of the LOP. 2 – stainless steel #8 x 1” Phillips oval head screws included to mount the LOP guide plate to the back of the stock.

SPS® Replacement Warranty (Determined after inspection once returned and free of abuse and damage, if any caused by customer while installing part)
- Anodized to Military Spec Black

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